Yarra City Council

Yarra City Council was the first local government in Australia to receive national certification for One Planet Living in August 2014.

As Victoria’s first carbon neutral council, Yarra has been a leader in sustainability as a way to maintain the liveability of its culturally, historically, and environmentally rich community. Sustainability is recognised as one of the ways it can create a positive legacy for the next generation of Yarra citizens.

Yarra’s existing performance, together with current sustainability strategies and policies, were measured against the ten principles of One Planet Living and the Common International Targets. Based on this evidence, Bioregional Australia recommended that Yarra be awarded national recognition for its work. This is reserved for exemplary regions around the globe who are leading the charge on sustainable living.

Linked to key metrics and indicators such as ecological foot-printing and the social determinants of health, the ten principles used by One Planet Living address everything from zero carbon and zero waste,through to culture, health and happiness.

Ed Cotter, Managing Director of Bioregional Australia, says:  “Accreditation against One Planet Living is a stamp of recognition reserved for international sustainability leaders striving to make One Planet Living a reality for people and organisations.”

He adds: “The Yarra City Council has shown great leadership and vision on how local government can actually head the charge on sustainability through their diverse actions and strong targets.”

Yarra Mayor, Cr Jackie Fristacky, says the Yarra City Council prides itself on being a leader in sustainability.

“We were very proud when Yarra became the first Victorian Council to achieve carbon neutral certification back in 2012. That achievement spurred us to work with our community to develop a new Yarra Environment Strategy, which set new leadership goals for ourselves and our community, to prove that local authorities can facilitate significant gains in terms of sustainable living if the right plan is in place and there is a collective commitment to that plan.”