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The One Planet Living international framework consists of ten cross-cutting principles that provide a simple way to plan, deliver and communicate a strong commitment and action to achieve a quality of life for all people. The One Planet Program is operated by Bioregional Australia, with a focus on Cities and Regions, Communities and Destinations, Companies and Organisations, and Schools and Educational facilities.

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The Goals and Guidance set out the principles and goals, proposed metrics and targets to acheive the One Planet Living ten principles. For some principles, such as ‘zero carbon energy’ and ‘zero waste’, there are clear quantitative common international targets. For other principles, such as ‘culture and community’, targets are set according to regional context and  leadership opportunities with quantitative and/or qualitative measures.

Our process

The One Planet Program requires a three year commitment to the development of a One Planet Analysis, leadership initiatives and targets in  One Planet Action Plan, and the ongoing implementation, monitoring and transparent reporting of outcomes to stakeholders and community.

Recognition can be achieved in year one of the Bioregional Australia program, with  annual reporting on actions implemented and impacts in year two and three. The One Planet Living international framework is used to drive behavioural and system change.

Contact Australia@bioregional.com for the One Planet Program outline, fees and application form.

One Planet Analysis

A One Planet Integrator leads you and your stakeholders through a visioning session and context analysis. This compares existing practices, processes and outcomes to the ten principles and Goals and Guidance for One Planet Living, identifying opportunities for system change in order to transition.

Co-creation of  a One Planet Action Plan

A One Planet Integrator leads you and your stakeholders through  a workshop/s to identify strategies and actions to achieve the ten One Planet Living principles, Goals and Guidance.  The result is the creation of a One Planet Action Plan that sets out how to achieve transformation and the stakeholders involved.

One Planet Recognition

To achieve Recognition  status the One Planet Integrator submits the One Planet Analysis, One Planet Action Plan and supplementary documentation for  review.

The review is conducted by an Australian Assessor, Bioregional Australia Board and  Bioregional UK.

On successful completion the project or organisation is provided with recognition (for a three year period) as a One Planet Community, Company, Council, or School for their commitment to the implementation of the One Planet Action Plan.

One Planet Training

Bioregional Australia provides the One Planet Program Training (one day) and One Parent Living Introduction.

Take the One Planet Program training with Bioregional Australia to learn the program requirements for the One Planet Analysis, Action Plan, implementation and monitoring. This training will help you understand how to develop your own Action Plan, especially helpful for local government, organisations, developers, and housing groups.

The One Planet Program one day training  is a pre-requisite for becoming a licensed One Planet Integrator.

Training can be provided in-house or in a range of locations around Australian. For upcoming training dates, locations and bookings go to the Bioregional Australia Event Site.

Bioregional Australia Faculty

To ensure rigour and consistency in the One Planet Program, Bioregional Australia works with industry professionals providing training, guidance and support to develop consultant expertise in the One Planet Program.   Consultants from the built and urban environment, business services and local government may be become licensed One Planet Integrators (OPI) with Bioregional Australia.

Licensed OPI  provide workshop facilitation and services that help you navigate the ten principles and identify opportunities, systems and practices to achieve one planet living. They are trained in the requirements of the One Planet Program including the accreditation, implementation and reporting process.

Our licensed OPL Integrators operate throughout Australia.  Our list below will help you find one to suit your needs.

Can’t find one in your region? Let us help you.  Often our One Planet Integrators work in other regions. Contact Australia@bioregional.com for more information.

One Planet Integrators

The following consultants are licensed One Planet Integrators in the Bioregional Australia ‘Faculty’.

One Planet Integrators provide licensed to provide consulting services to achieve recognition under the  One Planet Program as a One Planet Community, Company, Council or School.

Andrew Thompson (VIC) a.thompson@cundall.com

Carolyn Cox (New Zealand) carolyn@greenbusinesshq.com

David Galloway (WA) david@ferart.com

Jackie Mathews (VIC) suburbanscraprecycling@gmail.com

Kate Milburn (VIC) Kate.Milburn@barwonwater.vic.gov.au

Marc Mullins (VIC) MMullins@geelongcity.vic.gov.au

Nathan Lawry (WA)  nathan.lawry@wge.com.au

Nycole Wood (VIC) n.wood@bendigo.vic.gov.au

Oliver Grimaldi (WA) O.Grimaldi@cundall.com

Peter Steele (VIC) peter@hipvhype.com