Declare your commitment to living within earth’s resources and become a Bioregional Australia Member.

Our members receive a range of membership benefits and discounts, may join the faculty of One Planet Integrators and participate in joint research projects

The One Planet Living framework takes a holistic approach focusing on how people live, going beyond cutting carbon and conservation to nurturing wellbeing and building better communities. All of this is wrapped up in a single story that is easy to convey and understand.

Our members are our community, they form the foundation for the work we do. Together we are building One Planet Living.

Membership Benefits

Join a community passionate about one planet living, actively working toward communities and organisations that support healthy and happy lifestyles within the environmental limits of our planet.

Members are encouraged to promote their commitment to one planet living and undertake change in their personal and professional lives, in governance and organisations.

Bioregional Australia supports members in the uptake of one planet living through:

  • Open Source One Planet Action Plan and resources
  • One Planet Program for Communities, Companies and Councils

Membership provides you and your organisation with the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to One Planet Living resources and actions
  • Share One Planet Program learning’s with likeminded community
  • Participate in the development of ‘One Planet Living’ in Australia
  • Receive updates on one planet living news, case studies and resources
  • Receive invitations to special events, forums and ‘One Planet Training’
  • Receive discounts for ‘One Planet Training’ and the ‘One Planet Program’

Bioregional Australia One Planet Living Members, wanting to consult with the One Planet Living framework, are invited to join the Bioregional Australia Faculty of licensed One Planet Integrators.

We will:

  • Promote Bioregional Australia Members on the Bioregional Australia website
  • Promote licensed One Planet Integrators
  • Share Member stories and events in Bioregional Australia news
  • Share opportunities to host Bioregional Australia events
  • Share opportunities to partner on Bioregional Australia research and publications

The following member discounts are available:

15% discount on Bioregional Australia One Planet Training

30% discount on One Planet Communities, Companies, Schools and Councils program fee


Contact for a copy of the current membership fees, application form and conditions.