Peter Steele is the co-founder, HIP V. HYPE Sustainability and has been a One Planet Integrator since 2015.

I see sustainability as being inherent to good design – not an option or a barrier, but an opportunity. It’s also, by definition, non-negotiable. One Planet Living is the point we need to reach, where a thriving, resilient society can exist sustainably within the resources our planet offers.

What sectors do you work in?
I work across communities, companies and local governments.
Can you tell us about a particularly exciting innovation or experience working with One Planet Living and your clients?

I have been working with Mirvac on their Marrickville Hospital Redevelopment to integrate the ten One Planet Living principles through every aspect of the project. It has been exciting to see the change in perspective and the enthusiasm from the project team members as we’ve drawn out the site specific design, technology and governance solutions that deliver on the intent of the principles. The freedom to work within a princples-based approach, rather than a prescriptive and inflexible approach, has led to the team embracing the framework wholeheartedly.

What improvements do you see in your projects and the people you are working with that are generated through the One Planet Program? Where do you see the best outcomes from this work?
While significant benefits can be seen across the board, the biggest improvement I see is in the increased focus on the operational phase. Sustainable design and technology solutions are great, and vitally important, however they need to be supported by sustainable governance arrangements and occupant behaviour.

Bioregional is an international organisation supporting the uptake of the One Planet Living international framework. As a global citizen why is this important to you?
It’s important to me personally as we have no backup plan! Bioregional and the One Planet Living framework provides a mean to confront and embrace this reality, and respond to the challenges it presents. The framework provides a means for our business to engage productively with key decision makers in government and the private sector, to explore opportunities for positive change.