Bruns Eco Village

This month we shine a light on new members Bruns Eco Village from the Byron Shire region.

Please tell us a little about the project committed to One Planet Living?

Bruns Eco Village is an inter-generational and multi-cultural community project that is designing a new way of living. The eco village is an integrated community providing affordable homes, which provides an alternative ownership model that allows people to invest and rent at the same time.

How do the One Planet Principles add value to your project?

The ten One Planet Principles provide an excellent framework and guiding structure for us in the creation of this new eco village. They will serve as a benchmark against which we can track our progress and re-align if we steer off course.

Why is this important to you?

We are aware that we only have one precious planet, which has finite resources and is made up of delicate eco systems that need to be cared for. We also collectively believe in creating positive change and building a post-capitalist world that includes and cares for everyone, particularly the vulnerable. We aspire to create a grassroots community that inspires others across Australia and across the world. We aim to produce a flagship example of a low impact community living that is possible to replicate.

How are you working with local community?

Our Village Development Program workshop series for community held in August will cover:

  • Introduction to Eco Villages and Community Living
  • Social Design and Invisible Structures
  • Ecological Design
  • Sustainable Livelihood and Economics
  • Values and Ethics

How are you working with local government?

Byron Shire Council has partnered with Beyond Zero Emissions to create Zero Emissions Byron, an initiative that aims to transition Byron Shire to zero emissions by 2025. We are in conversation with Zero Emissions Byron with a view to contributing to this aim through the various sustainability initiatives that will be incorporated within Bruns Eco Village. We intend to work closely and transparently with Byron Shire Council throughout the entire process.

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