Linfox Logistics provide supply chain solutions to companies across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

The company is divided into industry-specific sectors, including warehousing, distribution centre management, transport and logistics for fast moving consumer goods, and long distance linehaul operations. It operates over 3.8 million square metres of warehousing and nearly 5,000 vehicles across 10 countries.
Linfox is committed to becoming a sustainable company, with carbon dioxide emission reduction being a key part of achieving their sustainability objectives. They have set a target of a 50% reduction in the rate of CO2 emissions by 2015 compared to 2007 emissions.

As part of their sustainability strategic plan, Linfox is using the One Planet Living framework to help them work more sustainably. They are reducing greenhouse emissions through improved business practices, environmentally friendly technologies and staff behaviour change. They are also working with customers and government bodies across the Asia Pacific to reduce emissions.

Highlighted actions include:

• Conducting electricity audits and implementing an electricity savings program including installing sensor controlled and energy efficient lighting systems in warehouses.
• Using carbon footprint modelling software to optimise the supply chain in order to reduce emissions, by changing transport routes, sources of freight and modes of transport.
• Implementing a driver training program to teach fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Through these measures, the company have been able to reduce their overall emissions by 36% as of 2012 (compared to 2007).

In addition, the use of carbon footprint modelling has helped the company identify the best locations for warehouses and optimum transport routes for their fleet. This has not only achieved emissions reductions but also helped make the business more efficient.