Hollerich Village

Hollerich Village is being planned for a 3.6 hectare ex-industrial site in the heart of the Ville de Luxembourg, one of Europe’s financial capitals. The eco-village and One Planet Community will be 500m from the main school district and a local train station and 2km from the city’s main station. Its site is part of a wider 20 hectare regeneration area.

Bring back the bees! 

This exciting new project from the family owned Schuler Group aims to offer a high quality of life for residents while reducing their environmental impact very significantly.

The group’s ambition is for the eco-district to become a ground-breaking pilot to demonstrate how sustainable development can be delivered in practice, and to further create an urban hub that strengthens the local economy and boosts the competitiveness of companies in construction and sustainable development.

The One Planet Action Plan for the development explains how energy consumption will be reduced with 100% of the heat and 20% of the electricity generated onsite, with the remainder being delivered through offsite projects that Schuler are investigating. Car parking provision will be as low as is allowed in Luxembourg (one space per unit) and located at the edge of the development to create a pedestrian friendly core. Nature and food-production are a key part of the proposals including the uncovering and re-naturalising of a river and a large community garden.

While construction is a few years a way the site is already being opened up to the community, with an unused building being converted to a One Planet Centre for SMEs and schools in the city. A partnership with the Centre for Ecological Learning in Luxembourg has bought traditional bee hives into the heart of the city. These early initiatives are aimed at engaging the community in the project from its earliest stages.

About the developer

Schuler Group is a family owned business based in Luxembourg for over 100 years, during which the company has moved from fuel to transportation and now real estate. They own and operate over 83,000m2 of offices and their two most recent developments, Horizon and Solarwind, have demonstrated their sustainability leadership with through the first zero carbon and nearly zero-energy buildings in Luxembourg.