Greg Searle

President & Founder

Greg is a sustainable community facilitator and occupant engagement specialist. He is also an international speaker. He founded Bioregional North America in 2006.  

Greg develops One Planet Action plans and provides verification for One Planet Communities such as Ottawa’s The Isles project, Sonoma Mountain Village, and the Grow Community.

Greg specializes in place-making for sustainable behaviors and occupant engagement. He is a certified ecoTeams trainer and designs programs for ecoconcierges and property teams to increase retention and building efficiency while reducing tenant footprint.

Greg has given lectures and keynote speeches at over 50 conferences and universities around the world on urban development, fostering sustainable lifestyles, and climate change.

Greg is the founder of initiatives such as Harvest Noir (a sustainability festival disguised as Ottawa’s best party), Tomoye Corporation (an internet startup acquired by NewsGator), and a long tradition of ultimate Frisbee games at Villa Pamphili in Rome.  Greg previously served as a consultant to the UN and the IUCN. He has lived in London (where he lived at BedZED), Rome, and Boston, and consulted extensively in Brussels and Washington DC.  He is an avid student of martial arts and forest gardening.