Freo - Ben & Bike Oct 2015

Bioregional is delighted to announce that the City of Fremantle (Perth, Australia) has been endorsed as the world’s second One Planet City.

Awarded national recognition by Bioregional Australia for its application of the One Planet Living (OPL) Principles in September 2014, Fremantle has been using the OPL Framework for the last two years. This has included the development of a holistic and comprehensive strategy designed to guide progress towards a ‘One Planet’ lifestyle for the council, residents and business community by 2025.

Fremantle’s internal ‘Sustainability Integrators’, who have been trained in using the One Planet Principles, developed its One Planet Strategy and One Planet Action Plan. This outlines the city’s targets across the ten One Planet Living Principles for their internal operations and their vision and aspirations as a whole. These aims are based upon the Common International Targets for One Planet Councils devised by Bioregional and each has an accompanying indicator, monitoring mechanism and baseline. The plan also details the actions that will be taken to implement these ambitious objectives. They include:

  • All new commercial, mixed use and multi-residential developments to be designed and constructed to achieve a rating of no less than 4 Star Green Star (Australian environmental construction accreditation)
  • Reduce council water consumption by 25% against a 2005 baseline by 2015 and 50% by 2020
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from council travel and haulage by at least 30% by 2020 (from 2010)
  • All product suppliers and service providers for the council will meet best practice for sustainable and ethical sourcing by 2020
  • Develop a community of One Planet Champions group working towards all One Planet Principles on behalf of the community.

With its Action Plan in place and a commitment to ongoing sustainable development across all of its operations, Fremantle met the criteria needed to achieve One Planet endorsement. The announcement was made today by Ben Gill, International Technical Manager of the One Planet Communities Programme, at the opening session of Fremantle’s One Planet Fest-a-Con, a three-week festival celebrating local sustainable culture and achievements.

Dr Brad Pettitt, Fremantle Mayor, says: “We are driven by innovation, efficiency and planet stewardship and we see sustainability as a part of everything we do. Our action plan will act as a living document and will be reviewed annually enabling us to respond effectively to emerging changes. We look forward to embarking on this vital and exciting journey.”

Ben Gill, International Technical Manager for OPL Communities, says: “Fremantle has been a leader in sustainability for many years. The way it has embedded the One Planet Living framework into its operations and vision for the city demonstrates its desire to help put the world on a path to a sustainable future. As well as reducing the city’s environmental impact, the Action Plan will also deliver a higher quality of life for residents and create new business opportunities.”

Brighton and Hove became the world’s first One Planet City in April 2013 with its One Planet Action Plan. The City of Fremantle joins a network of over 15 endorsed One Planet Partners all working towards a world where people enjoy happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet.