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One Planet Goals and Guidance for Schools

This document is for students, teachers or parents wanting to build or transform a school community into a truly sustainable one. It describes the process for co-creating a One Planet…

One Planet Goals and Guidance for Companies and Organisations

This document is for any company or organisation (including local governments) that wants to design or transform its customer offer, operations and supply chain, so that it becomes truly sustainable.…

One Planet Goals and Guidance for Communities

This document is for anyone who wants to build or transform a real estate development or tourism destination into a truly sustainable one. You may be a landowner, developer, public…

One Planet Communities book

How can we create sustainable zero carbon communities cost-effectively at the same leading happy and healthy lives? Bioregional cofounder Pooran Desai explains how we can create One Planet communities, drawing…

BedZED 7 years on

The impact of the UK’s best known eco-village and its residents. This report reviews the impacts of the UK’s best known eco-village and its residents, seven years after it was completed.

What makes an Eco-town?

This report, produced jointly by the Bioregional and CABE, offers timely advice to the agencies involved in developing proposals for England’s eco-towns. Drawing on Bioregional’s work on building sustainable settlements,…

One Planet Living in the suburbs

How the One Planet Living framework can be applied to suburban communities, based on UK examples.

BedZED: Toolkit Part II

A practical guide to producing affordable carbon neutral developments, drawing on the lessons from developing the BedZED eco-village.

BedZED: Toolkit Part I

The report details BedZED’s green materials sourcing strategy, which reduced the embodied environmental impact of BedZED by 20-30%. Find out how to achieve this environmental saving on any construction job…