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Retrofitting the Green Deal

Properly executed, the Government’s new Green Deal energy saving loan scheme has the potential to transform energy saving in Britain’s homes, bringing in big gains to the economy, household budgets…

Retrofitting district heating systems

A study of the carbon savings from connecting existing homes to a district heating network compared to extensive energy efficiency retrofitting.

Helping to inform the Green Deal: green shoots from PAYS

Findings from this energy saving home improvement trial indicate that homeowners are not only motivated by immediate financial savings on their energy bills. Motivating factors also included making their home…

Air quality and biomass installations – a briefing for local authorities

Help for local authority officers specifying or reviewing biomass boiler proposals in London Boroughs in assessing the impact on air quality.

Biomass fuel assessment for the Z-squared combined heat and power plant

This report shows how regionally sourced woodchip (from within 40 miles) could supply heat and power for a zero-carbon, sustainable community of 2,000 new homes in the Thames Gateway area…