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One Brighton Impact Report 2007-2014

A review of the impacts of the UK’s first One Planet Community located in central Brighton, several years after construction was completed and residents moved in.

One Planet Communities book

How can we create sustainable zero carbon communities cost-effectively at the same leading happy and healthy lives? Bioregional cofounder Pooran Desai explains how we can create One Planet communities, drawing…

BedZED 7 years on

The impact of the UK’s best known eco-village and its residents. This report reviews the impacts of the UK’s best known eco-village and its residents, seven years after it was completed.

What makes an Eco-town?

This report, produced jointly by the Bioregional and CABE, offers timely advice to the agencies involved in developing proposals for England’s eco-towns. Drawing on Bioregional’s work on building sustainable settlements,…

Z-squared: The impact of food

A study examining how a mixed-use, sustainable development of 2,000 new homes in the Thames Gateway area East of London could reduce the ecological footprint from all of the food…

Enabling One Planet Living in the Thames Gateway

Sets out how “Z squared”, a proposed mixed use, mixed tenure development of 2,000 homes in the Thames Gateway, could achieve zero carbon emissions and zero waste to landfill.

Biomass fuel assessment for the Z-squared combined heat and power plant

This report shows how regionally sourced woodchip (from within 40 miles) could supply heat and power for a zero-carbon, sustainable community of 2,000 new homes in the Thames Gateway area…