BEPIT – a better building toolkit

Bioregional is leading a £1.3 million, four year long research project to radically narrow the serious performance gap between the energy and carbon savings promised by new housing designs and what is actually achieved when they are built.

Building better sustainable homes with BEPIT

Bioregional is leading a partnership which aims to deliver big improvements in the ways in which major new housing developments are constructed. We are providing a dedicated, on site research engineer.

This project is using the first phase of the new North West Bicester eco-town with its 393 zero carbon homes as a research laboratory.

We are working with developer A2Dominion, its lead construction contractor Wilmott Dixon and Loughborough University’s School of Civil and Building Engineering. The project is funded by Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency.

As well as finding ways to ensure design levels of energy and carbon savings are achieved in completed and lived-in homes, this project also aims to reduce the cost premium for new homes meeting very high sustainability standards.

This Bicester Eco-town Process Improvement Toolkit (BEPIT) project is analysing both the design and construction processes for low and zero carbon homes in order to understand the likely causes of the performance gaps. Using process mapping, monitoring and testing, the aim is to have an in depth, all round understanding of how cutting edge new homes are built in the real world, what parts of the process impact most on their performance and what can go wrong. The aim is to deliver significant improvements and spread the lessons through the construction industry.

About our partners 

Innovate UK, formerly the Technology Strategy Board, is the UK’s innovation agency which funds, supports and connects innovative businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

A2Dominion is a leading housing provider and property developer in London and the South East of England. It offers high-quality sustainable homes for sale, shared ownership and rent and owns 34,000 homes with over 4,600 new properties in the development pipeline.