Aurecon is a global company that provides engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients.

Its services cover a range of industries including construction, energy, resources, transport and property. They have offices in 26 countries, and have been involved in projects in over 80 countries across Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas.

Aurecon is already applying many of the One Planet Living principles to their projects throughout the project design, construction and operational phases. They use the framework to help organisations benchmark their ecological performance and to support action to reduce their carbon and energy costs, waste and fleet emissions, and to strengthen their social performance and value.

In particular, Aurecon has found that One Planet Living provides a world-class framework for sustainable community planning. After measuring the environmental performance, it allows them to show urban planners and infrastructure providers how reductions can be made on a community scale through clever design.

Aurecon is proactive about exploring how the One Planet Living principles might be further practised in their organisation and applied in all aspects of their projects. For them, becoming a part of the One Planet Living network is a logical progression and signals to internal and external stakeholders their commitment to achieving sustainable design and efficient operational outcomes.