About us

Our approach

We want to make a real difference, inspire others to do the same and work with our partners to make innovative projects and lasting change happen.  Bioregional has twenty years of experience of delivering ambitious but practical products and services, which bring a commercial advantage for partners.

Creative thinking

We start by applying strategic thinking to what it will take to make our own ideas, and those we co-create with our partners, happen. Critically, this process starts by applying what science tells us about environmental limits with a view to achieving One Planet Living.

B&Q’s One Planet Home 
One Planet Sutton - Strategic Plan
Singita Grumeti One Planet Action Plan

Practical implementation

We are interested in delivery, so we bring our creativity to life with practical and effective projects, products and services.  We work from concept stage to delivery, on small projects through to multi-year projects, drawing on our experience and using our One Planet Living framework.

BedZED Eco Community
WestWyck, Australia
NW Bicester

Research and evaluation

We are always seeking to improve, so we then measure, test and, if necessary, adapt or amend our approach.

NW Bicester Living Lab 
BedZED 7 years on

Scaling up by influencing policy and practice

Once we demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, we enable dialogue and shared learning between policy makers and practitioners, championing its wider use for maximum impact. By working on a policy level – national and international – we can influence future practices.

Influencing the UK’s Eco-towns Planning Policy Statement
The Sustainable Consumption and production campaign in the post-2015 development goals


Bioregional operates internationally with representatives  in Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Europe and South Africa, with the head office in the United Kingdom, in addition to our base in Australia.

Use the links below to find out about our structure and activities in each of our regions.