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The end of the year is here and it is the time of year to rest, review and rejuvenate yourself and those around you. Share local and sustainable food with your family, friends and those in need this holiday season. We have put together ten ideas for action for our planet and sharing with your family and friends that don’t require a big budget but come with big returns!

Health and happiness
Exercise with a friend or neighbour and greet passers by with a smile. Do something to help those in need.

Equity and local economy
This year buy gifts or gifted services from local business where your money will be returned to the local economy. Try something new and diversify.

Culture and community
Volunteer in any number of local community programs – try community radio, community gardens, planting native vegetation, cooking for those in need, teaching English, mentoring others etc.

Land and nature
Change to biodegradable cleaning products, and plant native pollinating plants for bees and birds. Keep water on your land for use in dry spells for birds, animals and plants

Sustainable water
Install a rainwater tank (Merry Christmas), switch your grass to native plants and mulch. If you haven’t already – install low flow showerheads and tap fittings and conserve water.

Local and sustainable food
Grow your own food, swap edible foods, and cook up a storm using local, sustainable and native ingredients. Eat and celebrate with family and friends.

Materials and products 
Now is the time to re-gift items, up-cycle your clothes, and purchase locally made, recyclable and recycled items.

Transport and travel
The holiday season is a great time to relax and take public transport, ride a bike with friends or walk to your local destination. Keep it local and greenhouse gas emission free.

Zero waste
Avoid all plastic, buy fresh, carry your own shopping bags or ask for a cardboard box. Reuse christmas leftovers in imaginative ways and share your feasts with friends and local community.

Zero carbon energy
Use fans to cool yourself not air conditioners and share a picnic under a tree in the shade. Use your microclimate not your appliances to stay cool and 100 per cent renewable energy.